Content Management System :

Each webmaster knows it : It's difficult to keep a site up to date when a change of design is required, or when the site map evolves.
Classical tools are off-line tools to design pages, meaning the site maintainance team has to rebuild pages, even if a single word is change in these pages.

Big sites uses automatic building systems, either proprietary or open sourced.
These CMS usually re-invent their own structure of the information... usually in databases.

Pythonite is a simple CMS providing an easy and powerful way to maintain web sites contents within the required design chart, and without database.

File System Structure is good for you !

Many webmasters store the information in the already structured file system of their PC.
Pythonite works also only on top of the file system tree, this data structure being often enough to organise site data.

A Skin, and the site is up :-)

In many parts of the site, the provided information is often text information, the rest being the design template of the site.

Pythonite wraps the basic text document with the skin of the site, or a sub-part of the site. This skin is a unique html document, that can be designed by an expert, leaving the content management to basic level tools, even for non webmasters end-users. Of course, as a classical html page, the skin can use css, and any kind of design tools can be used to design this skin page.

Basically, a Pythonited site requires ONE html nice design page, and your html-ized text pages in your required file system tree. Pythonite will perform the rest, wrapping your content in the required skin, and building the dynamic menus to navigate within your simple text documents

Pythonite is a module for Apache written in Python and using mod_python

For more details, please have a look at the documentation

Pythonite is GPLed